Treating Pain With Osteopathy

Using osteopathic techniques, osteopaths treat pain by helping the patient regain mobility, joint function, flexibility and balance. They can treat acute and chronic conditions, as well as diseases of the elderly. Osteopaths use several techniques to achieve pain relief. Here are some of these techniques:

Since most headaches or migraine Brisbane and neck pain originate in the neck, osteopaths target specific areas of the neck. One of the first treatments, a chiropractor may do is spinal manipulation. During this procedure, the patient lies on their stomach and their head is flexed backward and forward. This provides mechanical traction to the joints of the spine. Mechanical traction not only helps relieve pain, but it also helps prevent the progression of osteoarthritis.

Another way to help an osteopath reach the source of the pain and promote pain relief is spinal decompression. This technique of neck pain treatment Brisbane involves a professional therapist who is placed on the neck of the patient. He or she will apply controlled decompression to the vertebrae. Once done, the patient is positioned on a padded table and the pressure applied is gradually released. Care is taken to avoid further trauma to the soft tissues and muscles of the neck and back. In fact, the entire process is so gentle that patients may even be able to fall asleep while under treatment!

This is a common method used in the world of osteopathy. It is called a transcutaneous ultrasound. The osteopath uses a probe that sends out sound waves into the joint being treated. This probe is guided by the osteopath’s hands. It is designed to help relieve pain, but once healing, osteopathy provides long-lasting pain relief for the patient.

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One can choose between using osteopathic techniques and traditional medication when suffering from back pain Brisbane. The former will treat the source of the pain by working inside the body while the latter will work outside the body. Treating pain with osteopathy allows the patient to get immediate pain relief without the side effects normally associated with pain medications. For this reason, more people are opting for osteopathy treatment.

People suffering from pain should never take any pain medication without first consulting a health care professional. Osteopathic treatment is a natural, safe way to improve one’s health. It is very effective in providing pain relief. It is especially useful in relieving chronic pain, such as sciatica and lower back pain. Don’t suffer from back pain alone; use osteopathic techniques to improve your health and well-being.

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