What is a “Mummy Makeover”?

Do you miss the firmness of your pre pregnancy body? Are you looking to rejuvenate your body after the birth of your baby and achieve the body you had or always wanted?  The perfect procedure for correcting many of the unwanted changes to your post- pregnancy body is ‘The Mummy Makeover.’

variety of procedures that aim to correct the changes that occurred during pregnancy.  By combining the various procedures, it means new mums only need to be admitted to hospital once, and this aims to decrease time away from your new baby.

mummy makeover in melbourne
Mummy Makeover in Melbourne

The procedure itself most commonly involves a breast augmentation to overcome deflated breasts from breastfeeding. This is achieved through a natural or shaped implant in a sub-pectoral pocket and can be further improved with a small breast lift if necessary. Further, the procedure often involves an abdominoplasty (‘tummy tuck’) surgery with liposuction, to correct changes to the abdominal region that are incredibly common in the post pregnancy body. And lastly, the third most common procedure for the Mummy Makeover is facial rejuvenation which is achieved through anti-wrinkle injections or Fraxel facial skin rejuvenation.

However, it is important for new mums to recognise that like all operations, this procedure is not without risks. As a handful of procedures are combined, operative and recovery time is likely to be increased and therefore, careful planning and consideration must occur before committing to these combined Mummy Makeover procedures.  It is vital to be aware of the likely implications and results of this procedure, it important that you have reasonable expectations and talk with your surgeon to ensure that these procedures will benefit you.

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If you believe that one or a combination of these procedures will benefit your body, then Professor Mark Ashton is more than happy to discuss the relevant advantages and disadvantages of this ‘Mummy Makeover.’

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